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This is my first post, so im not sure what to post. So Im just going to go for it. Ok Ive suffered with depression/anxiety for just over 20years of my life.There is more to my story but I'm not ready to talk about it. I also suffer with, what I can only describe as a social phobia. Ive been fairly isolated which doesnt help.This is why I decided to create my blog. Over the last few weeks I've become really depressed. I find it so hard to funtion in the world and I am fully aware of  how mentally screwed up I have become. I feel so lost, so useless, so tired, so alone I don't know what to do. I am in theropy and am also on anti depressants but its not helping. I find myself wandering around my house with no idea what I'm suppose to do on a day to day basis and then day to day turns into week to week, month to month. I am not able to be productive. Some days I am not able to function at all. It really sucks.

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