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Ready, Set, Go.............Again!!!


So!  About a six weeks ago I recognised the signs that I was slipping into a depression and although this isn't my first experience of depression , it is the first time I recognised the signs that I was heading there.  Not so much of a bonus as it was too late to stop the spiral down but it means I am learning and I hope to continue to do so.  The final goal is to be able to recognise the signs in time to stop it in its tracks before I need medication but at least it seems more achievable now than it did before.

I've been medicated for a month now and it's not helping so I've managed to have the dose increased and fingers are crossed that I'll be able to stop this nose dive soon.  I never realised before how quick things move from feeling a little bit more down from normal to feeling like life has just completely given up on me.  The only thing I manage to cling to is that this time last year I was coming out of a seven year struggle with trying to finally get a grip on why I get depressed and how I could change things so I could finally exit that living hell.  There were a million times I believed it wasn't possible and it cost me my marriage, though thankfully not my children, but I finally got through it so I know I can again.  It's just a shame that sometimes life doesn't play fair and sometimes you get too many curve balls to handle all at once.

So here I go, again!  Trying to learn and figure out how a person can safeguard themselves against an invader that has an uncanny knack of sneaking below the radar and finding that small crack in a persons defences. 

LiD xx

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