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It doesn't feel like i am alive. I am young and have gone through so much pain that I don't think I can take any more torture. I get up each day and wonder why am I still here even though I don't feel alive. I have gone through bad relationships, my family is alcoholics, and my own friends don't talk to me anymore. Within this past year I have broken up with a boy who had hit me repeatedly even after we weren't dating, I met someone else who is wonderful and became pregnant, I thought my entire life had turned around but I had lost the baby and my boyfriend is totally different. We used to be so close and I thought he loved me but again I am nothing. I have no one to talk to at home and no one wants to even look at me. I would have given anything to be able to have the baby that was out of my reach, I would have someone to shower with love and talk to when I needed it. but I am alone and always will be.

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