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It's been almost 5 years since I was asked to leave my home without my dog and my two sons who at the time were 15 and 18.  Talk about hard.  My husband and I had a very up and down marriage especially in the last three years where I believe he was suffering from depression.  He was very angry and throughout those years I tried very hard to help him.  I thought when he asked me to leave that if this what was going to make him happy, then I would leave.  So, I left and found my own place in less than 3 weeks.  My younger son and my dog were supposed to move in with me.  AT the time my son was also having problems.  When he found out at his current school he would get 4 of his favourite teachers, I couldn't take that away from him and did want him to dig a bigger hole for himself.  We tried to bring the dog over to my new place but he howled constantly when I had to leave even for a minute.  Life went on.  I stayed strong.  Met someone several months later and moved in with him after about a year.  It ended up a one way relationship where I took care of everything.  I got tired of it and asked him to leave after a more than two year relationship.  Life went on again.  I probably got into my best shape ever!  Had a great fun summer but ended up getting badly into debt.  I'm now with someone I met almost a year ago and feel I've put myself in the same position.

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