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Just a bit

Well here goes nothing. I came to this site because I was looking for something that might help my mood, my outlook, my life. I write down how I'm feeling for myself from time to time but it's doesn't really seem to help, so I thought if I do it this way maybe it will because it will be like telling someone what's going on.  Now the fun part, where to start.

I'm 41 live in a small town and as of next week I'm out of a job. On top of that last month my husband had a stroke and lost over half the vision in his left eye. He has been trying to get ssi for about 2 years now because he has heart problems. He has had 2 bypass surgeries. Then there's our 4 year old granddaughter who we are raising because her mother is a big pice of shit. ( his daughter not mine) My mother is 71 and not too bad off , she has copd and has bad breathing days but she has good days too. A lot of times tho she seems like she's  giving up. I do most of her shopping, go do her wash, do any running she needs done. Most of the time we make plans to go to the store together and when the time comes she don't feel like going. Then there's my daughter, son-in-law and grandson.... they're great. Problem there is they will be moving away in about a year. My son-in-law is going to school to be a doctor which is great but when he has to switch schools they will have to move.

Well I guess that's enough for right now.

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