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Just the Begining

Well as of Sunday my depression has won. I have been fighting this thing off and on for a long time. I had  a good grip on it for many years but now it has a tight grip on me and circumstances have led it to take over me. Having my sister here has made it harder for me to deal with. She is so much more different than I am, she has so much going on in her own life and she has a way of making others feel that it is their fault that she is going through hell right now.

I try to understand but the fact that her being here makes it hard on my own marriage, and kids makes my life that much harder. I am going through my own stuff right now.

MY depression has gotten so much harder to deal with since she moved in but I cant just kick her out especially since the state is involved that would be like putting her child into foster care and I cannot do that but if something does not happen soon i will either loose my mind or my life or my marriage and I cannot risk  any of the 3.....

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