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How it started

How it started I moved out of my parents house little less then a year ago because I felt it was time to leave the nest. My boyfriend and I found a nice place in a town I liked. We had hardships but we always found a way to smile, food got short, and money tight but we survived. The first warning signs was when we got late in bills, we ended up asking for help from more then one person. Winter came and we still weren't caught up. We had to reduce the amount of rent we sent out just to eat, and get to work. My boyfriend was walking in the snow to work because he didn't have a car. This spring came and we had caught up most bills thanks to help and all we had to do is catch up in rent. But I ended up in the ER more then a few times so money again because tight. A few weeks ago we received notice that we had a set date to catch up on rent or else... Well when we had set a plan in motion to get the money. A week and a half before the set date, the landlord gave us an eviction notice. We are losing our home, I am losing my cats, I am in debt just trying to catch up, food has again become little, feeding the cats before ourselves. I am being forced back home while my boyfriend is now going to have no home to go to. He lost his main job, I am barely holding onto mine, I can't make it a day without crying. I feel alone with a whole house to pack and no where to put it all. I am scared, lost, alone, and hopeless. I don't know what to do. I have been close to just giving up, quit my job and stop caring. But I am just to scared of change. I'm lost!

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