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conjoined twins

Posted by [email protected] on 11/29/18  •  Send feedback »

i am student and preparing for my exams., as today again my mood wasnt supporting me to study with focus i was just wasting my time on facebook and youtube in a hope to entertain myself n somwhow get back to studies., and then i see a post on facebook reagrding about a conjoined twin who are connected by their hip and they are so amazing in doing their daily activities despite their difficulties in a hope of living together and leading a normal life with a great determination of being connected to eachother and never being separated… their effort to b connected with eachother and doing all their activities so nicely without being dependent on others , triggered me somewhere in my mind that y dont i focus on what i am supposed to do by taking control of myself rather tahn giving it to my sick brain…. hope this keeps me alive for coming few hrs or days by keeping me away from my sick thoughts… i may not love myself but i love the people around me and for them i need to keep moving by putting my sick brain’s sick thoughts aside


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