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heartless or brainless

Posted by [email protected] on 12/01/18  •  Send feedback »

what is being heartless..??? heart is just an  organ pumping blood to all r bodyparts n keeping us alive.... all the emotions we deal with is from our limbic system present in the brain... so then should we heartless or brainless... brain is not only for ideas but also contributing for our emotions which are making me a miserable person.... whenever our body gets tired n gives up then we motivate our brain so that it would command our body for not giving up... whatever we feel is only through our brain... we feel pain in brain... we feel happiness in brain... its all that our brain circuits are so entangled with eachother making our body entangled in itself so badly that dont find a way to get out... n endup being miserable and depressed....  it was better to b brainless but then we wouldnt qualify to b a human because brain is the only one thing that makes us different from all other living species on this earth


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