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In response to: own insecurities kill us

clairebear [Member]
Hi there.
I'm a mother too, I have a daughter, who isn't doing as good as I would like her to do in school, and when I rant about her studies I feel bad afterwards.
I believe your dad feels the same, when he appears disappointed.
But believe me when I say that parents only want the best for their kids.
Study hard, do what you like doing (like reading books), and do it FOR YOURSELF - not just for your dad, or the rest of your family - at the end of the day, if you do well, the most that will benefit from it is you. :) And then, the rest will follow. You'll have a better relationship with your family and friends :)
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In response to: POST EFFECT

failedclown [Member]
Everything happens for a reason dear! Let's hope for the best. For you and your family.
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In response to: decision

yeah... i got to speak to my dad and mom about this and now i am at ease now... now i wanna try some modifications with the help of them n wanna try to become a better daughter of theirs... hope i would b able to do that i wanna do
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In response to: decision

Failedclown [Visitor]
All the best buddy!! Hope atleast one among us gets some support tonight.
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In response to: STOP CRYING

i thought of a therapist but what am i gonna ask them n say to them that y i need a therapsit?? hoe r they gonna react ?? dont know..?? whether they r gonna b scared or shocked or just okay?? no idea..

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In response to: STOP CRYING

hiitsmeheartless [Member]
have you ever thought of maybe asking to see a therapist? or a counselor? when i was in the 7th grade i tried to kill myself and did not succeed and the next day my mom took me to a therapist. it really helped. but maybe just dont go to that extent of trying to ask them to see a therapist. i relate to you saying you dont want to kill yourself because you dont want them to find you like that. sometimes i wish that someone would crash into me or i even walk into my house hoping an intruder is there to hurt me. i dont think im in a position to give you advice but if you need someone to talk to i can listen.
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In response to: STRANGE FEELING

i know i have a great family n whenever i try to see the positive side of it , all the negativity comes up n surrounds me.. whenever i laugh for some reason happily the next minute i get a fear that soon i am gonna cry more than i laughed., n then i stop myself from laughing hoping that if i dont laugh then i need not cry again... n this isnt just my illusion or some kind of hallucination but it happens that way with me... so negativity owns me
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In response to: STRANGE FEELING

Just another guy [Visitor]
Bae! I can understand what you've been through. Considering what you said, I can understand that your father means a lot to you. So here is a thing I'd like to say. Be greatful for what you have. You have a loving family which many don't. Bring out what is positive in your life and let it triumph over what you lack. You might have had sore relationships but I'm pretty sure there are guys out there who care about you. Don't lose them. Your family and your well-wishers will always be there for you no matter what. Trust me. I've been through this. Even I had a thought that I'm alone in this world. But then I considered few people and got them closer and my world changed. Your life is more precious to them. Live it to the fullest because you knida like owe them. First live for yourself, then for the ones who love you. Cheers Bae!
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