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How to deal with and understand those that have commited suicide

Often, when you hear of someone who has commited suicide, it's sad right? But I always think to myself "Well, I hope they're not in pain anymore and found the sweet release they were hoping for". I have to admit it makes me angry if I hear their friends or family members say- "If only I had known".    What?   What would you have done?  Honestly, there probably wasnt much of anything you could have done. The main reason most don't report their depression is because they're afraid. Afraid of the backlash that friends, family, and society would unleash once they reveal they have a mental illness. They're afraid they will get thrown into a mental institution or forced to take experimental anti-depressants that can cause severe side-effects. They're afraid people will start avoiding them or treating them like a leper. Afraid of the ignorant assholes that will tell you to "just get over it" or "stop acting like a baby, stop whining". I'ts incredibly hard to admit you have depression and even harder to ask for help. But don't hate, blame or belittle those that have commited suicide. You have no idea what they were feeling when they were at that crossroad. You have to be in severe pain to even consider suicide right? So imagine the pain someone has to be in to actually go through with it. Try to understand where they were coming from and just hope that they arent in that pain anymore. Don't ask why. More than likely you'll never find an answer. Don't dwell on it either, the one that left wouldnt want that. Those that take their own life are not thinking straight when they do it anyway. Because no one in their right mind would consider suicide right? Suicide is the last resort for someone who can't handle the pain anymore. People often say it's selfish to take your own life, but isnt it just as selfish of the people making them stay in a world where they feel nothing but pain? Why does no one ever think about that? Why dont the ones that get left behind realize that they are just as selfish for wanting that person to remain locked in their anguished souls only so they dont have to feel the pain of death upon them? For God's sake, let them rest in peace, let them be free of the torture of depression. Live a happy life for both of you. You cant stop someone who wants to die from dying. All you can do is wish for their happiness, wherever it may be that they have gone.

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