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What happened

So I self-harm.locked myself away I'm only . Lost all my friends just because I'm disabled born like it  and I'm not handling it well. The story from the beginning. When I was 7 the doctor said that I could have an operation to get me up on my fee and walk for the rest of my life  you can probably imagine how happy I was to hear that.. The only thing I had ever dreamed of doing that almost came true. Here's the bad part, yes a walked well for a while I couldn't believe it when I want back to the doctor 3or4 years later and he said to me "get ready to be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life" yeah I cried I thought things were going to be fine. That he would say "yeah your doing great keep it up" to good to be true right? Yeah it was. Then I slowly got worse ended up in a wheelchair again in so much pain you wouldn't believe.

Now I'm 15years old about to begin the hardest 2 years of school and depressed. No friends for support nothing. My gcse's don't even matter anymore I wanted to be a cook. How's that going to happen when I can't get out of bed in the mornings for school.

My family is fall apart because of me and I'm suffurcating!


i find it hard to talk

I can't say much apart from it hurts.. not being able to tell family, not have any freinds that care I'm lost

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