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Books Around Me

August 1st, 2012
Just imaging what if I was given a chance to be isolated in this kind of room that is really overflowing with all the books that I don't know how long being placed their. I can say I might collapse any moment not because I am isolated but then how on earth anyone will survive the day looking at those books that any moment might fall just because they are too many that I don't know I guess how on earth I can start reading them all.

It's All About Perseverance

July 26th, 2012
Makes me Reminisce!

What If's

July 25th, 2012
A Lot of What If's Is Running in My Mind I've been walking back in forth inside my room and still I am not comfortable. There are really a lot of things that is running on my mind. Seriously I really want to finish the book that I am reading, but just because I am loaded with all the articles that should be done since I'm taking a summer class, seems all the things that I want to do is actually on pending. My tabel is really full of all the articles plus the books that I should read as well. It's summer but then I am living a bit miserable life of studying. I wonder what if I didn't need to enroll for that summer class. I guess I will enjoy my life so far. So sad that I need to undergo this very sad stage of my life. If only I don't really value my education I guess I will end up doing things that I do want the most. But since I do have lots of dreams, therefore I need to sacrifice as well.

Such An Experience

July 19th, 2012
Dealing in writing a thesis is just like dealing in writing an assignment in which there are also series of gathering data and research some things that has a lot of contributions. In writing an essay you as a writer should need variety of specific ideas and examples. Using your own observations, experience and knowledge to gather ideas are commonly use to write anything easily. For some it they only consume only five minutes of their time to gather idea, thinking about the topic and the writing all the ideas that could come up in mind. Simple breaks are actually needed and later on review all the things that you have written. Doing a review may be a big help to think of more ideas. Doing a list to record all the ideas is also an effective way, because when you make a list, it seems like you are writing all the ideas in a much organized way. Never be afraid of having enough ideas in working on a thesis. Any idea as well that you adds is considered to be correct if it relates to the topic. It might add better communication and form of entertainment in writing.

From Mind to Paper

July 18th, 2012
Just the sad fact that most student try to deal. Sometimes, it's just a struggling feeling to transfer thoughts into a paper. Although it's also an effective thing to do after all.


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