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Day 1 - 11 December 2012

Hi Everyone,

Im extremely new to this whole Blog thing but I love to write my thoughts and have always been interested in writing my own story one day.

Im 21 years old, very soon to be 22.

I have suffered depression for over 10 years having been molested when I was 11 years old and raped when I was 20. I also suffer anxiety as PTSD.

I am currently studying Counselling to better myself and hopefully the lives of others as I have had many Counsellors over the years and none of them have ever been able to fully understand what it is I go through.

I am an open person and always willing to talk if anyone ever needs anything. Im hoping that through a new venture like this I can finally get some things off my chest, share them with people who wont judge or even help as many people as I can.


Tattooed Beauty.


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