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Thursday, April 22nd, 2010


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My doctor has prescribed abilify-it seems that seroquel - teva-quetiapine is not doing its job. I was very low and went tothe emerg and stayed the night -saw my doctor in the morning and she made the change. I definetly have to take seroquel with itor I get very negative. It will be interesting to see if it works. My daughter always asks me if I am sad or angry. It's hard to be depressed and raide kids and unfortunately I have a sick husband -who has been great. all in a day for most of us. Very few of us have a relatively stressless life.
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Comment from: graeme [Visitor]
You do not have sick husband. You have a husband who can beat you in a bicycle race any day.
04/22/10 @ 19:51
Comment from: neverending [Member] Email
You are right hands down you can beat me at cycling...I was trying to say with all your health issues you are still there/here for me.
04/23/10 @ 05:28
Comment from: neverending [Member] Email
I decided that the abilify was not the drug for me-there was too quick a change in my personality and I felt so negative. I am back on seroquel but have had an increas in the remeron and am changing doses a bit. You have to be your own best friend and know when to go to the hospital and have a shrink confirm it all.
I want to break the habit of getting up late in the morning-or feeling like I have to go back to bed as soon as the kids have gone to school.
04/23/10 @ 19:40
Comment from: neverending [Member] Email
got up early this morning-first time for everything, not to say it felt great-it felt like I got up to early. Did laundry and played with my dog, but went back to bed...we'll see how tomorrow goes. I will try to get to bed earlier and take my seroquel closer to bedtime.
04/25/10 @ 08:54
Comment from: neverending [Member] Email
just took another seroquel-I could feel myself getting short tempered a bit which is unusal for me. will see if it works-don't want to go to bed today
04/25/10 @ 10:10
Comment from: neverending [Member] Email
Today I got up at 6am-what a shock-I never get up that early. I put a load of laundry out, checked my email, played with my dog and then ...because everyone else was asleep went back to bed to wake up at 11am.. didn't go back for a nap-good thing, felt a bit low -I can't remember if I took an extra seroquel-I think I did. Essentially did normal stuff-didn't feel like the world was without end. Still not living the life I imagine people do who aren't severely depressed-I would like to walk their walk-just for a day so that I can appreciate the difference or perhaps realize that there is a fine line between feeling alive and the slow, spiriling path to depression.
04/25/10 @ 18:05
Comment from: neverending [Member] Email
Since the doctor has increased the remeron I have been feeling a lot better dispite having a very nasty cold-so maybe all the drugs before bed-which made me so tired throughout the day was bringing me down.
04/28/10 @ 07:57
Comment from: neverending [Member] Email
Haven't been feeling that bad with just the increase of remeron and the elimination of abilify. Maybe that is all I needed. I will have a better sense when I am finished being sick with this god-awful chest cold. Physical illness can completely through you off and mess up what you are feeling.
04/30/10 @ 13:58
Comment from: neverending [Member] Email
I have tried abilify again...the side effect was horrendous-I ended up in the emergemcy after taking two 50 demerols with a headache so blinding I thought I would die. My physchiatrist was really disappointedand - so was I -we were hoping it would lift some of the aspects of my depression that seemed glued into place. I wouldn't discourage trying it-it just didn't work for me.
06/26/10 @ 08:07

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