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Out of control

I'm not going crazy, remind youself this is just part of normal recovery process. now plan your feet firmly on the floor, count numbers 'what is your fev number' just say it out loud count from 1 to 10 counted backward from 10 to 1. work around and watch your own feet listen to the sound of your breath, breath in and out slowly listen to music count the beats. dont be scard to ask 4 help, tear up papers and its okey to cry.

You know if i can endure these moment whatever is happening to me no matter how heavy my heart is or how dark the moment seem....if i can but keep on believing what i know in my soul to be true, that darkness will fade with morning and that this will  pass away then nothing can fill me with uncertain fear, for as sure as night brings downings my day is bound to appear. .........i'm responsible for the direction of my life, i will never please anyone nor my self but that is okey, i forgive my self for step back in order to do two step forward.

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