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A Depressed Mind Needs to Be Upgraded

Are you tired of hearing those outdated mantras that have long been residing in your brain? Or, are you among those people who love to adhere to those negative mantras that keep on repeating much like the last song syndrome for people who do not know any other song but only that one song meant to worsen one’s depressive thoughts. Depressed people often believe that they’re not just cut out for anything that leads them to success.  So, they wallow in frustration, self-pity, and depression. They would forever hang on to this negative mantra that they’re “not cut-out” for anything When in reality, they’ve got what it takes to succeed. It’s just that they refuse to be strong enough to let go of these negative thoughts.  They let their negative thoughts gain control over their lives instead of them taking control of their thoughts. In turn, they find themselves going around in circles. They’re trapped inside the vicious cycle of regretting, self-pitying and refusing to believe that they deserve so much better.

If only a depressed person would possess the courage to upgrade his negative thoughts.

If only he would have the determination to steer clear of these evil mantras in his head that are only pulling him down instead of lifting him up.

If only he is brave enough to conquer these repetitive mantras that say he’s not cut-out for anything.

Have you heard of the saying that “If you believe you can’t, then it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy”? This is so much true. Unfortunately, many people diagnosed with depression are having this self-fulfilling prophecy of failing.

But, how about practicing some new mantras? Hey! You can do that! You may have lost your confidence in yourself. But, believe me. You haven’t lost your brain! This goes to say that you are still very much capable of learning a new mantra. How about a mantra that says “You can do something to make your life better.” In fact, you can do SO MANY THINGS to make your life better than what you have now and better than anybody else’s.

You can do something to make your life better. And, you can do it now. Don’t wait for life to take its toll on you. Act now. Stop letting those opportunities pass. Star is grabbing each one of them. You are worthy of these good opportunities! You are worthy to be living a life devoid of these depressive thoughts. In fact, you are worthy of everything but depression. So, get up and get moving. There is so much more to life than just living in depression.

Go ahead, upgrade your mind. Upgrade your thoughts. So you can upgrade your life.

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