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The Need to Disagree With My Thoughts

For depression sufferers, their greatest enemy is their thoughts. A depressed individual is more likely to believe that everything that he thinks.  When his mind tells him that he is not worthy of living a good life, he would immediately think of it as a fact. It may seem unbelievable, or ridiculous but depressed people seem to have their unique way of gathering evidence to support what their mind has claimed to be true.  When his mind tells him that he’s just too overweight to be able to win a woman’s affection, he will take it as a fact. His mind would record it as a fact. Then, day after day he would feel bitter about himself for not having those six-pack abs and the looks of boyfriend material. He would refuse to believe that there are also other men out there who don’t have those ideal looks but are living a happy life with their girlfriend, fiancée or wife.  He would never see these realities because his mind had been clouded with wrongful beliefs and distorted truths about himself. He would see himself as someone who is at odds with the world. He would opt to live a lonely, depressed life because his mind tells him that it is what he deserves. But, it’s wrong. It is WRONG. People should not believe everything that their minds dictate.  They must never lose their sense of reason and logic. Otherwise, they become victims of the judges of depression. Unfortunately, these cudgels would not only hurt their bodies. It can ruin their whole life as well.

Don’t believe everything that is in your mind. You should learn how to filter your thoughts.  You must be vigilant about the good and bad thoughts that come in your stream of consciousness. Be quick at recognizing which is fact and which is a plain fallacy. Be firm in countering these distorted thoughts. Otherwise, you become at risk of drowning in your negative thoughts. The sad thing about it is that these depressive thoughts will lead you nowhere. It will only stay in your mind, refusing to go away for as long as you entertain them. So, get rid of them. Your life would be so much better without these depressive thoughts.

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