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When Perfectionism Meets Depression

I have always wanted everything to be perfect. I just don’t have enough tolerance for mistakes. My eyes are meant to see the flaw in everything around me. This is the reason why I suffer from depression.  I feel that nothing is good enough for me. I always think that life is better without these flaws. But, they’re part of the sad reality of life! This fact depresses me so much! Anyone feels the same that I do?

I find it hard to let go of perfectionism. I feel that no matter how hard I try, my performance will never be good enough. I feel that I can do so much better. But, each time I try, I always end up feeling frustrated because I keep on thinking that my best wasn’t good enough! I strive towards excellence. But, I believe that without perfectionism excellence would never be achieved. For me, mediocrity is a sin. So, I need to try hard and to give my very best. But, giving my best does not guarantee me of a flawless performance. Trying so hard does not guarantee that my work will be devoid of mistakes. This frustrates me a lot. This loses my enthusiasm for work. This drains me of my energy. But, how can I cope with it? How can I overcome my never-ending pursuit of perfection? Is there a way out of this neurotic perfectionism?

But, would life still be worth living if I don’t adhere to perfectionism? Isn’t it perfectionism that would make life worth living? Would life be better if I just ignore my flaws and everybody else’s mistakes? How can I tolerate these flaws? Will somebody help me, please?

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