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Cant sleep!!

As the title says, i cant sleep. i suffer insomnia pretty badly. only am sick to death of it now, laying there night after night with nothing to do but think! i do enough of that through the day without being tormented by it when i should be asleep. i literally get no escape from my life anymore. sleep used to be my favourite thing simply because for a few hours, all my shit didnt matter. but i dont have that escape anymore and i genuinly feel like am losing the plot now. im so angry all the time because of my lack of sleep, i take it out on the people who dont deserve it, and i honestly cant handle it anymore and i dont know what to do. doctors dont help one little bit, they just offer useless advice and usher me out the door as quick as possible. am sick. i really am. and i really cant cope anymore :(

Fed up :(

Im so sick of feeling depressed now. Ive suffered depression for as long as i can remember but it never gets any easier to handle. Im so angry at the moment and i have no idea why! the simplest things have me flipping out and im losing control of it more and more everyday. i just dont know what to do i feel like i dont even wanna be here anymore :( i hate my life so much its unreal. anything that can go wrong does go wrong and am sick to death of it. i wish more people understood. whenever am down people just tell me to "chin up, its not all bad" but they dont have to deal with all the shit up in my head, sometimes i wish i could just completely forget who i am, and stop feeling the way im feeling. just for one day it would be so nice....

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