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Having a difficult week!

I had been doing really good , but this week, I took a nose dive, I don't know what happened, I woke up one morning, with gut wringing anxiety, I have to fight even harder, because I don't want to stay this way!

Read a great book that was helpful, it's a memoir

I read a great memoir yesterday, it was written by a male famous tennis player, it was called Acing it by Cliff Richey, he has gone through a terrible depression and is now in remission, and works tirelessly for mental health rights, it was one of the best books I have read, especially by a man. He reminded me in his book, we are never recovered, those of us who are long time suffers of depression and anxiety, we are in remission. Fighting to be better is so worth it, but one tharpt requires a lot of work on our part, we have to fight back, we have to research and be our own advocates with our doctors, this is a battle we are in and we have to do everything we can to fight back, I only stared getting better when I realized only I can help myself. So let's support each other , and fight!

Recovery is never a straight line.

I have been working very hard to try and stay positive and not let my anxiety and depression rule my life, I have spent hours researching everything I can about why we experience these disabilatating disorders, and how to help myself pull out of it, it has helped tremendously to take a active part in my recovery, I still have days where I just feel like giving into it, but I don't , on those days I just have to work harder to move forward out of the darkness of my disorder.

Had a horrible week

All week I have been anxious and depressed I hate it so much, I had been doing good, I don't know what happened.

i have been worrying about someone dying I love, worrying about myself getting a dreadful illness, I want to stay positive, and I was doing so good I don't know what happened, so now I have to try doubly hard to drag myself out of this dark hole. Please pray for me, I hate to post such a dismal post , but I have to get it out some how.

Trying to pull out of this setback

Another day of waking up scared, but I am doing better now, I just wish I could get over this morning terrors. I suffer from.

i want to make everyday count as a day I can be fulfilled and not filled with fear!

all I can do is put one step in front of each other and pray I can eventually walk far enough, that I can leave this depression behind!

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