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April 19th, 2010

.I guess it's about time to bring it all home.  I've been writing a series of online books now for over 6 years.  The theme has remained the same, the "On the Road" series has always been about what I see and experience.  The series started mainly because I had decided to end a marriage, and leave my past life behind me, and for a long time I slept in a car, or wherever it was safe to be.  I started writing the series because I wanted my family, blood and electronic both, to know where i was, what I was doing, and most of all what I was feeling.  Since my time on a'puter was limited and sporadic at best, I began the "On the Road" series to let everyone know at the same time what was going on in my life.  I've been through a lot of years, a lot of trials, and a lot of miles so far on my journey.  I've been here at DU for over a year now, and once again I am about to go back "On the Road".  I guess it's only fitting to share my story here, so that all my DU family can see what is going on, and so I don't have to write a hundred emails (OK, I'm lazy, I admit it).  Once more I am preparing to go on the road to leave California, and this time for good.  I do have a goal in mind, and I do know where I  am headed.  The next stage in my life has now begun, and what an adventure it is going to be.


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