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Love and Drugs

So today I'm up at 7am, kinda tired but it doesn't matter. I can run off of the 4 hours of sleep - in fact it's pretty good going for me to get so much.

Lately I've been having trouble sleeping, I keep having nightmares of children and myself, i.e me losing them or even killing them.  The dreams are so vivid sometimes I wake and actually believe I have killed a child.


As for depression, it's still hanging about, quietly waiting for me and it's making me nervous when it will strike next. Sometime soon I think. Then along comes the apathy, the absence of human thought, the lack of motivation to do anything other than curl up in my bed and pass out....yes....I don't wish it to return


That's all for now I think, time to get up and ready for school.



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A day in the life of Pool

My name is Pool and I am 17.


Currently listening to Soap and Skin - Thanatos.


Today I woke up and my room smelled like marijuana. Nothing new. Depression has slowly been creeping around and I can feel it in the shadows of my mind but right now I feel ok. Also no more hallucinations :D which is good.


So what shall I discuss, nothing much today I'm afraid as it's getting late. Maybe I will store some of my writing on here, who knows :)


Take care everyone.



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