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A Not-So fancy Introduction

Hello. I've never really ran a blog before but I guess it'd be a good thing to do, so I get to know others and others get to know me. Maybe from this, you can understand a little about how my mind works. A little. So let's count this as an introduction.

My name is Quinn, although this isn't my birth name. I'm 20 years old, and a transwoman, or girl, which I like better. My ethnicity is white, and I have greenish-bluish eyes, blonde hair and fair skin. I live in South Carolina, Charleston, and consider myself a bit of a Southern Belle. I've found this site through wanting to open up about my experiences with my depression and other related issues. I've been suffering from depression since I was about 5 years old, and anxiety naturally came with it as the years passed. I believe my personality has changed, subconsciously and not for the better, I'd say. I have various personality-related disorders (such as Narcisstict, Borderline) which only add to the cocktail that is me.


I'll be adding more as I go along. I'll eventually be writing up about my own experiences and life, including my life story.

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