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a peek at freckles life

Well currently I'm at home recovering from my operation nothing serious just an investigation type procedure....I'm glad it's over I'm in shock that I'm so chirpy but hey what you gonna do. Well normally I would be at work ..yes I'm still working and actually things have changed in that department I actually took on a promotion...moi can you believe that...depression and anxiety would normally have set in and said YOU do that yea I'll believe that when I see it ....but they are not the boss of me it's taken me a long while to realise that anything is possible and I can choose how how I'm going to respond to these new situation ... and that I do actually have the power and the control to change these situations...YES I have a voice. I actually found this interesting quote and I find it inspiring so we use the word fear and it has two meanings the First:- Forget Everything And Run Second:-Face Everything And Rise The choice is ours to decide. Any ways I have realised that I'm worth a lot more then I ever realised and that I need to be compassionate to myself ...its amazing how much you bet your self up over things..well I'm trying to give my self a break from that habit. Good point to everyone don't push away a worry it will come back ten thousand times worse ...you face it and you say'I acknowledged you but I don't have to believe you.' I have come to realise as a person who faces anxiety many of us are like meerkats we are ready on alert to protect our self's from the danger doesn't matter how small we are on guard waiting for the worst we are defending our territory. Life doesn't have to be that way challenge you thoughts the more you accept them the more they eat you up don't feed them ...don't give them the satisfaction of this. I just want to say their is a light out of the tunnel ...that there are ways to get this under contol and bearable ..for those of you living in UK look up Steps to well being ...brillant service only in certain areas so those not able to recieve it or from another country I recommand a free cbt website called mood gym ...just google and it will come lol. Always feel free to comment with questions I'm happy to reply :)x

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