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I'm too overprotective of my best friend. She's a big girl she can make her own decisions. Even if the one I'm most worried about is wrong. I know I could lose her if I keep trying to get her to give up on the asshole, but I don't want him to hurt her again. I wouldn't be so presistent if he wasn't such a smartass. Enough about them I have my own problems. Like I'm not being very strong this week. I just can't force that smile. That smile I've been wearing for seven years has faded away. It comes back for mear seconds, but that's never quite long enough. People are starting to notice my absent smile. They're beginning to worry that I'm not that happy and cheery person that always wore that smile anymore, but what they do not know is that happy and cheery person was only a cover up. They do not know who I really am. I am a sad and depressed girl whose only wish is to one day not have to wear that fake smile. I want to wear a real smile. The type of smile I want to wear is the smile of happiness and love, but this smile will not appear until this suffocating blanket of depression is lefted.


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Today I realized something I'm alone. I'm alone in a school full of people. I can say I have a few acquaintance, but I only really have two friends. To be honest I care more for my friends than they do for me. They have many friends. Often that leaves me alone. Being alone was one of my favorite thing, but it got quite depressing. I just need somebody to pull me outta this deep, dark tunnel of lonelyness. I really don't think I'm going to find that person soon though, so I must sit here and wait for that amazing person to rescue me. Hopefully they're not too late though...
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