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I laugh in bitter disgust

I laugh in bitter disgust

While glancing over and thinking about

The feelings that have been thrust

Onto me, if only if it were like a soliloquy,

Would have been easier to listen to and turn a blind eye

At the words being said,

While waking up, and getting up each morning from bed.

I laugh in bitter disgust

At the thoughts that consume, never thinking

That they would one day matter

And the days go by,

Making me feel sadder.

I laugh in bitter disgust

At what I have become

And turn a blind eye

And forget what the sun looks like,

In its bright and shining light,

And let the darkness envelop me

And embrace me for all eternity

And take a big frightening bite

Of what I was once, in all that

Ignorance, not knowing, that I was so lucky

To have felt something illuminate me

I laugh in bitter disgust

As I blow out the candle and disappear

Into the darkness,

Darkness and I,

Me and the darkness,

Have now become one

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