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my life is crazy and so are yours i want to share my stories and hear yours too this is all about LonelyTeens



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So not Cool :(

All i ask is for a comment not a single purson responds this is just sad :( I mean Come on ! 1 comment please ....dont make a girl cry :(


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Cat Dreams

have you ever been so bored that you strugle to think of something to do? Today i wonderd aroung the internet blindly trying to intertaine my self in anny way posible.i had finished my rounds on youtube ,checking all the people i like and moved onto hulu with only one new episode (modern family in case your wondering) and i got to the point were i was literly lieing on my back playing with a ball of yarn like a cat.this is probly the sadest thing ive done i a while but it still made me a little sad with myself that i was that despret for entertainment.the truth is i i could be any animal i would be a lion . Not to sound obsessed but my favorite movie is the lion king.the only thing that i want most in this wourld is to have the amzing abilty to rour perfectly in lion. Ahh my sad sad dreams. The worst part is when i get home from school i tend to eather sing my sad heart out or talk to my self sometimes i ever try to rour.my voice is just to high mabey if i was a boy i could do it but no. I almost alway like to be around noise. i constently whistle in the school halls and drum in class i dont like silence. All i really know from today is that 1 i need more stuff to do,2 i really really really X1000000 wannay rour like a loin and 3 cats must be the happyest animals in the world

Id love to hear thoughts i know only like 7 to 20 people read these posts but still i like to know your thear

-Lonly teen


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All is well

me and skye did the most awkward make up hug thing during first to show that we were going to be fine but you could still clearly tell we were both a little pissed still.to try to fully make it up to her i made her my most skillful friendship braclet in chines staircase style.the only sad part was she completly rejected it :( .her excuse "i dont like pink " i said i would make  a new one she responded "ohh i dont really like braclets " the sad thing was she was wearing at least 5 today.what ever she just has commentment issews she cant even flirt with her crush its pretty sad to watch.it like watching two snkes try to hug despite the lack oh arms.(did i mention i have a pet ball python who is around my neck right now watching me write! what a sweety snake ; i wuv you snakey) any way im guessing by the end of the week things will be back to normal.one other noteable fact about today was we are in the middle of shakespears a midsummers night dream and i hit gold! while in tutering with my dinasour tuter she decided to lend me her copy of No fear Shakespear which is a totaly cheat becouse rather then the usaualy word by word translation this book just strait up puts it in modern english its amazing! Now this play can actuly start to make sence!!! lastly not that it really afected me to much our gay (he is actuly gay so dont get mad) realter came to mess up the house to make it more sellable i had to clean out my room which is no easy task trust me.now my own home is sorounded with fake plants and weird ancent artafacts.soon they will start fucking with my room,my only safe haven. all i can think about to make this situation better is the excitmet of makeing two new rooms at my futurs mom and dad houses.im planing to make the colers match so it less of a change. Well now i have like 20 minuets before my dad get mad and takes the computer so i must run and get to my reguler set of minecraft vidios and facebook stalking ,JK ,sorta,lol

Till Next time,

Lonely Teen and her Snake Titan


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Sleep over desaster

well to start of this whole mess was not my falt,after friday with my sleep over with brianna we finished our dumb project.it looks pretty good :).another bright comment that happend friday was that brianna is in the yearbook club and they all get to go to dauny park the amesment park.turns out they get a plus one.so at least that sleep over worked out sadly the one last night was a compleate disaster after about the first half.my entire goal of this sleepover was to make some friends and get a social life but nope  that cant happen to me.orgonaly my friends shannon and skye were saposed to come to stay and see Avengers .sadly shannan was under house arrest by her mom for getiing bad grades in asian judgemen they were bad.we then got lunch (i got french fries and a grilled chease)we walked areound our town andwent to rite ade and a treft shop honestly every thing was going great untill we got back to my house around 10.awiting me was my dumb dads friends Debby and hidie with there annoying kids to riun the night the refused to leave us alone while dad hit on the old wemon .we ended up setling down watching tv .the damn kids wouldent shut up.here is the inetial problem i was lyeing ou the couch and she was playing with my hair.i DID ask her to stop BUT she dident so as a natral reaction i vary lightly hit her face "    No ! so whats the problem i was being blamed  for a non exestent enjory .my dad looked and said there was nothing.i tryed to get her to move on and do something ,watch a movie play a game i would even had let her stalk her crush if it would make her happy but she refused any thing.she ended up calling her mom the first time i was in the room and she said she was fine then after i left to get her bedding (i was gonna make her bed and leave her alone)she called her mom and asked her to pick her up! she couldent eventalk to me about the problem and the second she had a moment she soute out a means of escape.what a baby.what should i do i have to see her tomarrow so comment fast  thatnk you

-lonely teen

p.s how do i spell check this i just know it pissing off people  sorry i cant spell for my life


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Well this is a little awkward

to make this breif i failed.Coffee absaluty positivly sucks .i was fantasizing a perfect cup of joe i toke a swig and practly did a spit tic on brianna lol.it was the most putred thing  ive ever tasted .honestly how do people do it.i traded for a good ol Ginger ale no matter how calorie filled it is .it dosent matter during the coffee break i managged to nom down a gross hotpocket in frunt of Briannas hot Brother (Blush; ive he herd me say this i would die of embarsment) The real problem is i dont know why i eat but i do its one of my evil habits ,the worst is my nail biteing .WARNING NEVER EVER DRINK INSTENT COFFEE.thats all for now  back to work .May the forth be with you (its may forth lol national star wars day,yes i am a dork/nerd quit hateing)


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World History Sux ...Coffee a whole new world?

right now it 12:03 am im chillen at one of my only "friends" houses i quote "friends" becouse i dont really know if we are friends we have to do this project for social studies and i guess we are getting there to frendship but who knows .the cool thing about her is that she is deaf but she has the coculer implants and can sorta hear .The point is we basicly have 10 pages of pure evil to write,design and mash togather into a passing project by monday.its now at the point were you know you need to stay up and do the damn work but you eye lids slowly drip down down down,next thing you know its the morning and your screwed.BUT THATS NOT GONNA HAPPEN THIS TIME! Brianna is now down stairs makeing my vary first cup of coffee and im a bit scared.i mean of corse ive tasted it before ,who hasent but ive never been able to suffer thru a whole cup ! It just means im growing up :(   (she is 15 she got held back for not spaeking too well in kendergarten) . i need it a i guess ill see what it is like in an hour or two when i start to crash from the cafene.I dont want to grow up i want to stay young and inacent and care free,isent it the most blissful state.in a perfect world we could always be 6.its the perfect age theres no thinking about dumb projects makeing friends or boys.i wish  i could write more but this page on the bulbonic pleage (ewwww) isent gonna write itself

Till the coffee sets in Peace

Love LonelyTeen


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Just an intruduction

Hello im a lonely teen and i hope this will not only help me but others too.im not going to lie like i do in real life ill be legit .im just a 14 year old girl in 8th grade.im larger then most and have a hopeless love life.i even have my own fake bf .my life used to be ok i had a perfect set of friends that helped me when i felt bad but i was mean and they dident want me anymore.the only boy i truely love is my best friend sence 2nd grade we kissed in 2nd grade but that was enough to get me hooked,im to shy and afraid to tell him that thou.my parents are devorcing and my grades barly made it to a C and B leval this past quarter. i cant help but to feel if i had my besties this all would be better they were my breaking point.if i see them in the halls i despretly say hi and i try my best to be nice but its useless its over.i have made poor desisons in the past i used to bully but now im some how new .im this nerd with a sad little life but somehow im still happy i really just want it to be like it was back in 6th grade.i want a real boy friend and a cool set of friends,i want to look good and beavle to strut in a bekini (lack of puberty dose not help any boob i have is fat :( ) how can a dumb blog help me but who knows all i know is my life sucks.ive gone thru alot of shit and i want it to make a diffrence so if even one purson reads this please leave a comment (not a troll one ) i want someont i can talk to .ill try to post regulerly and fill in anyone who bothers to read .


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