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TGTF (Thank God Tomorrow's Friday)

I've decided to try this format out in dealing with my stress, extreme anxiety and depression.  I'm hoping it will help me put it out there once and for all and stop rehashing it time and time again.

I was doing well for about 4 1/2 months then mid May came and I didn't see it creeping back and then on Tuesday....WHAM, it hit, the stomach, pure dread.  Well I'm offcially tired of it and decided that I MUST take my life back.  You see....I'm a perfectionist, everything must be done on time with no mistakes and when I fall behind or make any time mistake I feel like my world is going to end.  Yep...I go to that extreme.  I know it's not rational, I know everyone makes mistakes but it doesn't make it any easier.  On the way home today, I decided to take the anxiety by the horns and start making a plan.  Now I hope that I can put that plan into place and this week will be one where I can proudly exclaim that I decided to take control of my life once and for all and STOP THE ENDLESS CIRCLES!!!  Till tomorrow.B)

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