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Our 2 Worlds

I live in two Worlds.

The 1st is my work world.

I like my work world.

I 'm not a manager of any type but I can control my area of work.

A "B" people,  don't like debate and gives in very easy.

2nd World is my home world.

I like my home world 60 percent.

My Wife (Which I Love with all my Heart) Batteries with Depression every single day of her life.

Every Single Day.

She crys for hours and hours.

No matter what I say or do ,I can't help her.

After hours and hours of crying I cry myself.

The next day I go to my work world, when I come home the crying has stopped.

I wish I knew what made the depression stop or began.

I wish I could make her belivie that I will love her the rest of life but the Depression Makes her

think that no one loves her.



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