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The Starting Post

Oh, the horror. The starting post- the most feared thing a newbie blogger has ever known. And I have hardly ever visited blogs before, let alone created one. So... Just bear with me. And yes, this is going to be a bit of an introductional post, so I hope I'm not breaking too many rules by doing this.

Not like I care much about rules anyways.

Anyways, you guys can call me Rose. This is, obviously, my online alter-ego, however it's more of a new picture to put on the same old problems. I have clinical depression issues. I have tried help, medication, everything that science can throw at me, but nothing short of getting high has been able to help me. And I really do not like getting high, due to some childhood issues.  So around half of the stuff I'm going to post will be melodramatic bullshit, in which I invite you to yell at me for.

Another quarter of the stuff will be about a world that I'm refining so I can use it as a setting for my next novel. This world is called Cenaria- hence the name of the blog- and I ask for your opinions and help as long as it is designed to help and not harm.

That other quarter is random stuff that I think up at three in the morning. Pay no attention to that unless it's funny.


Anyways, the keyboard is starting to become a very strange optical illusion, so I'll take that as my cue to head off to bed.

Goodnight, and long live Cenaria.


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