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i'm sure we've all been asked what we think the meaning of lfe is. i'm sure thats something we often ask ourselves. for me, there simply is no point. human existance is pointless. one day we'll all be gone and there will be nobody to remember anythig we have created. whats the point in doing things if it will result in absolutley nothing?

i am depressed. it quite a simple and common thing to hear a person say, people simply dont give a fuck about it anymore. i have no one to share my story with, no where to leave my thoughts. that is my purpose for creating this blog. i just need to feel like someones listening, even if no one reads this. in fact, the thought of people reading this frightens me.

i am hailey. i am a fourteen year old girl who has been struggling with severe anxiety for her entire life and depression for the past four years. i started cutting four years ago. i have been hospitalized and put into a mental facility  four times now. i am sure i will tell you all about that sometime. i am currently on prozac and buspar, taking trasidone for sleep aid. i used to take lexapro but that didnt really do it for me.

anyway, i think that is all i am sharing for now. i just wanted to get the feel of this and write a short introduction. i will update tomorrow as i have so much i need to say. thank you.

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