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Questions and Statements

I do not share my thoughts with anyone who may know me - I do not show my weakness - I do not want to expand on it = I am venting.

Right now I feel like nothing will make my life better - I don't know what to do. 

I am tired of this feeling, I want it to end.

I have lost my smile, I don't know what to do.

Is everything really the way I feel right now - is it a figment of my imagination.

My children have no clue what goes on with me - I hid my tears for years now = why do I feel it is a sign of weakness.

Do I take things too lightly?

Do I like myself?

I wanna to say fuck life?

I can understand how someone can take their own life and not think about how it would affect those involved in their life.

There is no cure right now - how am I going to get thru this?

I have no answers, do I seek answers? Do I give up?

Lord open my eyes, my mind, help me get thru this and understand why.

I have lost control of so many things in my life that always mattered to me.

My work ethics
My children
My home
My finances
My morals

Is there anything else to lose?

Each fall gets harder - is one fall going to end it all some day?

To know I am not well is a step in the right direction - will I always know when I am not well.

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