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self -esteem ,Rejection is a Blessing

  Erin: Adam, you seem to have really good self-esteem. Adam: What do you mean? Erin: Well, I've seen you at parties and you just walk up to girls and ask them to dance or ask them out on dates, and even when they say "no" you just keep right on go… more »


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Well this week has been a good week for me so far I have felt much better then last week my work has improved and I am back to making little mistakes. However this has got me on to the thought of what triggers my depression.   Last week at the start… more »


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I come hear today as I think that having a outlet to let me feelings go may do me some good. I have been writing my feelings down for some time now but ended up with bits of paper all around the house and some very good evidence of my wows on the compute… more »
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