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Lets start

"testing.testing lets see if i get this right " not much gone right today, then again when does it these days.Ok here goes lets see  if this goes in for my first few words of the blog . Cross fingers mmm well uncross fingers it didnt work .ill find out tomorrow what happened when i can be bothered to look around. Tryed blogs before but give up before trying ,but im determand to do it this time and plaese excused any spelling errors as i never look at what i wrote at the time and my fingers have a mind of there own. Well not sure if this has worked but il keep going anyway sighhhhhhh!. Bad day yeste the usuall thing walk on egg shells and try and keep everything from getting out of control.the new meds are playing havick on David, He has new blood presser tab's and new antidepressents and would you beleave the new ones are the same as mine that i started taking some weeks back after my new doctor said that i was depressed and should be on them before i brake apart

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