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Hi my name is Stephanie and I have been struggling with depression/anxiety since I was young. I am now in college and it's really been getting harder to deal with. I just want to be normal and happy but I feel like i have missed out on so much because I am worried or upset a lot of the time. My best friend constantly helps me and tries to make me feel better but no matter how many times she tells me I am good enough I just do not believe it. I have always just had this feeling that something is inherently wrong with me and I do not fit in. I am not sure where this feeling came from because noone has every told me I am not good enough. Even so, it is still in my head and I cannot get over it. I have good friends and family and I am doing well in school. I don't know why this happened to me I do  not understand where it came from and I am trying to work through it and so far it has worked. When I am happy everything is great and then all of a sudden I just go into a spout of anxiety which leads to depression like right now. I can't deal with this just happening all the time, I have finals right now and Christmas is coming. It just makes me afraid to think when the next time this will happen again. I wish the problem would jsut go away so I could be happy with the good life I have. Well I guess that is about it for today.


Comment from: Mrs H [Member] Email
Hi stephanie - welcome! You know, my anxiety/depression problems started in college too. Luckily, when I got out of the clinical depression, I vowed to never allow it to happen again, and so far I have kept to my vow - I am 34. :) Although I still face anxiety daily, I feel that I can put a lid on that and contain it much easier than the depression.

I tell you this to give you hope. I broke free... as will you. Stay strong and positive. xx
12/09/10 @ 20:48
Comment from: schopeful76 [Member] Email
Thank you I always do keep trying! I hope someday I will see what others see and not feel so down on myself. Thank you for your comment :]
12/10/10 @ 19:38

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