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First time blogging, not depression!


This is challenging! I need to keep moving forward and all my old ways of coping and readjusting are not so valid anymore. So, here I am. Hoping there is a break in the cloud somewhere in here. A little sense of the world that can give me a moments rest while I catch my breath.

I'm having a mild run of depression with some interesting anxiety attacks coming in at different moments. Not convenient or enjoyable but I'm listening. What ever this is, you have my attention and I care. I'm a little worried that this is going to get messy. Teenage kids, new relationship, not interested ex and isolated from family and my own introverted personality.

Normally that is okay but not at the moment.

Hello to who ever is out there. I don't get blogging yet so forgive me for doing anything wrong. Hope your all achieving something that's good today and maybe I'll be able to talk to someone sometime soon.


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