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05/23/14 19:15

Hi, ive only been on this earth for 17 years now and theres days where I wish I werent here for this long. I am the only child,some people might say "Your so lucky" or "You must be spoiled" if you were abused for ten years by your mothers sex offender ex husband then I guess I am. My whole life I have been alone, yes I do have siblings but they are both too selfish and too old to even remember I exist. Dont even get me started on my over the counter pill addicted father, and my mom she's a whole different story. My mom is a stage 4 terminal cancer patient with 10 tumors in her spine who has finally realized that she should have been more involved in her own childs life. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever make it to 18...

Hi I'm Sophia.

Whats your name?

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