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Here it goes.

I've been advised to join a blog group for a while now but I've always put it off. No one understands how i feel, how is writing on a webpage going to help me? Those were the answers i gave. But after finally putting it off, i decided to have a gander and i came across this page. I've read through some of the blogs and I've got to say, you guys have managed to change my mind.

You know what they say, you never know until you try, so here i am, trying.

I'm a bit lost on what to say, so I'll start basic. I'm twenty two years old and after four years of suffering quietly i finally decided to get some help last year. I've been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. People say you should feel better...feel relieved when you finally found out what is wrong with you. But i don't think that is true. Nine months i have lived with this diagnosis and i still feel the same pain i have lived with for so long.

One day you will beat this, they say. Well lets lets hope that is true for all of us!

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