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Forced to start this blog....

Is this a conspiracy to get me to start a blog? I was feeling really down this evening so decided to visit the chat room again only to discover I couldn't log in. First attempt and nothing happened so I clicked the 'Can't Login?' link, managed to log in but apparently I am banned from the chat room! Eh?

Ok, so you're now thinking, what did Stacey do to get banned right? Well, nothing! at least nothing that I am aware of or have been made aware of. I thought I had always been a model chat user here, never had a warning or a problem with anybody, let alone a moderator so I honestly have no idea why I am suddenly banned. Is this a problem with the chat room this evening? I would have expected a message of some sort to be displayed instead of putting me through this. Honestly, I was feeling bad enough already but now I feel totally left out in the cold for no reason. I thought it was bad enough having nobody to talk to back in the real world, now it seems I am not welcome here either with no explanation or reason that I can think of. The world is a lonely place for me this evening. I've used up all my fave tunes, I have no desire to watch anything on the tv or play silly games. My mind is pre-occupied with the (place appropriate swear word here) I needed to get off my chest... and now I can't, it's getting late, nearly midnight here and of course I have to be up for work in the morning which, as luck would have it, is my main source of frustration this evening; or at least it was.

Not happy. Not happy at all. :(


ps just tried again and now I feel even worse and even more frustrated. I have asked for suppport using the contact form on the site so will now be sat waiting for a reply for goodness knows hwo long. I hope someone's on the job. :(

If anyone else is having this issue please let me know so I can least have some idea of what is going on and can set my mind at ease. Can't believe I appear to have been banned. It's weird.

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