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First post

I'm starting this blog to see if there is a lot of other women out there that have a really good life and are still depressed all the time.  I feel stupid because I don't have a substance abuse problem, I've never been abused by my parents or spouse.  I have a good job a nice home 4 beautiful normal children, lots of pets.  I live in a great neighborhood am always safe, never hungry or in need of anything.

So why the heck am I depressed all the time?  I have been on medication for years and choose to stop taking them because of the sexual side effects.  My husband has been really good to me for 25 years and he really likes sex.  So our sex life has improved greatly but my depression has returned in spades.
I try and figure out what it is that depresses me and the only things I can think of our normal life occurrences such as kids moving out or pets passing away.  Things that can't be changed or controlled.   It seems like everyone around me just gets sad and then accept these things.  Where as I sit and cry for no reason and cannot accept these normal phases of life.
Are there many woman or men that feel this way?  I hope so only because I want to be normal and I don't really feel normal.

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