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Three Fellows In A Boat


Tightly fitting planks bob incessantly as the the breaking waves continue growing more restless. On some unknown boat, on some unknown waters, on some unknown part of the planet; two eyes gaze up into the heavens as their colors wash away from them. This pair of eyes belong to the dying soul of a man submerged almost completely in the water off the side of the boat, save his very head which remained on top of the building waves. His one arm, like the rest of his body, lost into the abyss of the sea; and his other holding on for life to the quarter knee of the stern of the small vessel. The wind begins to pick up speed as the thick clouds overhead become increasingly dark, swelling with doom and ready to pay at any moment. As moments come and pass marked by the smallest interval, the transformation of this unfolding situation into something sinister becomes more and more apparent. Another arm, suddenly, reaches through the chaos and wraps around the arm of the man in peril in an attempt to save his life. The difference in weight and vantage point confine the dying one in place off the side of the boat and instead of falling down, he stayed afloat and his life was prolonged for the time being. This second man yelled aloud to the first "I won't let you go, I won't let you disappear!".

The first emulated abandon, that devil trying to pull him under shown through his eyes.

"Don't give up, stay in there!" Cried the rescuer.

Just then a deep rolling laughter washed over the two characters amidst their futile struggle and the second man turned his head to look at a third man.  Gasp. Horror. This third boat companion sat at the stern an looked intently at them. Red fluid poured from hidden wounds that must have been quite serious because of its volume. This third fellow was bleeding to death but instead of trying to preserve its own life it taunted the duo with crazed eyes looking right through them.

"Do you think we are in a boat in a storm?" It asked. I woke up.

This dream I had a long time ago happened when I was in a dark place in my life. I felt alone in the middle of an imminent storm with no one to listen and no one to help. The world really is quite small and its important for people to know that there is someone out there who cares, about them; about what you are going through. Unconditional care has no bounding distance as it brings together the human soul one to another. You may be in a dark place as I once was, but now I have overflowing joy and peace. For those left behind, I will wait for you, I will think of you, I will worry about you. This blog is for you. I can help by telling you the stories of what I went through with the hurt that has no explanation but is just there, like there is something wrong with everything, and no one seems to notice but you. Come with me on this journey of reflection and insight about the world around us and you and me in it.

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