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Where art thou infinite sadness?

I'm so tired of this condition/disease/disorder or however you'd like to classify it. Things are exceptionally well and I'm still struggling with this depressive state of mind. It's so frustrating. The weather is beautiful; I'm getting out more. I am also getting in shape again. But, that damn cloud of gloom just won't dissipate. I've found a group in the city I live in for peer support. But, my damn anxiety has kept me from going and it is something I need to do on my own. I want to go to a group in which I can keep my anonymity. Albeit, I live in a small city with a small population. So, I'm bound to run into someone I know. But, I'm hoping not. I really need to drag my ass out. If and when I finally do; I will post how it went. I think it's time that I stop depending on people who just don't understand depression. I'm so tired of the following statements: "just shake it off," or "why do you let that bother you so much?" and the pretentious "buck-up and get over it, like I do." "Like I do?" The key word in that sentence is "I." I'm not you and you're not in my shoes. These people are so arrogant and think they've got the world and everyone presiding in it figured out. In my experience; it's people that make the above statements that don't have a clue and lack the ups and downs that life throws at some of us. These ups and downs are greatly intensified when you are suffering from depression or any type of anxiety disorder. I've hit bottom far too many times. If I hit it again; I'll just fall through into oblivion. Well, this will suffice for my rant today. Keep on keeping on. R76

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