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Army of Me

You see people like me everyday. We pass you in the streets and the sidewalk. Head down, hands shoved in pockets, zoned out, cold, distant. Like nothing but an atom bomb will be enough to shake us from this self manufactured trance.

You give us dirty looks, you whisper, your eyes bulge from the site of the state we're in. Black everything. Black clothes, hair, hearts and expressions. I can hear you scoffing, laughing, mocking, criticizing. You talk so damn loud and too damn much. Your cowards. We wear our hearts on our sleeves. You mask your emotion to fit in. But deep down your just like us, you just hide it better. Imagine someone walking around wearing the mask of pain and torment that you try so hard to hide behind the facade of "normalcy." Yeah. No wonder it makes you sick to look at us.

I admit my position has left me with an open mind and interested point of view. While you scan me for my faults it's given me a front row seat to the entrance to your soul. What I see disgusts me. It's hilarious actually. You try so hard to follow the unwritten rules of society like commandments. It's truly laughable. Watching struggle and squirm, forsaking your morality  just to fit in. Bravo. I hope you can keep it up. Keep putting up your mask of what you precieve as sanity. But I see right through you.

I'm not here to judge you. I am not God. No. Because God forgives and I don't. I write this as a brief message to humanity. Be kind, be courteous, or be quiet. Because there are people like me everywhere and there is an off chance that you actions could attract our attention. That is never a good thing. :)

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