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baby blues

So i've never done anything like this before and i yet i find myself here writing about things i can no longer keep to myself. not even my own partner seems to understand the way i feel anymore, its like we orbit each other but yet he doesn't understand the confusion of this at all.


My name...well that isn't even there anymore i don't feel like me anymore, im just another face in the crowd. my name to them if they knew about this thing. (the only way i can describe this depression) would be 'another bad mother'.

their wrong. i am a good mother, i just get frustreted and down when i feel like i can't control the sitution.

i love my baby, well not so much a baby anymore as shes blossomed into her personility.

when i went for help the doctor gave me tablets that left me drawn and i felt like stone. no emotions at all. i came off them and now im back to square one...an emotional wreck that seems to break down nearly every day.


how can this happen, these baby blues when all i feel is overwhelming love for my child.

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