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Another Day

by theworldof pooh Email

I guess I have to be grateful for the days I make it to work, make it through with minimal difficulty. I had very bad anxiety today as I do every Monday. It sometimes paralyzes me and I end up staying home but have to be happy that I made it. I was late which is a downfall but only 15 minutes which is much better than previous. I want to celebrate the good, the positive. I've spent way to many days on the negative.


by theworldof pooh Email

Today I am trying to reach out. Not to anyone human, but to document this dynamic time of life, all that it has to bring me, evaluate my struggles, and through perhaps seeing them typed out, I may learn the direction I need to go in next. Moment to Moment, thoughts arise, the ebb and flow, rise and fall. These last two days, dramatically low, lower than usual, sleep calling me constantly. The feel good feeling of sleep. Then the guilt of waking up knowing I didn't do so so many things, so many have-to's but realizing sleep is likely what I needed today. The work day tomorrow is where  I suffer most, the wake up. Its not as easy as "just do it" . Trying to focus on what could push me out of the covers. I'm not sure. Feeling low was the theme of the weekend. With so much to do this week I must put it behind me and focus on some goal oriented activity and maybe even small reward myself for each step. We shall see..

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