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So Sadie is a girl and we dated and the reason she broke up with me is because she told ME that I was treating a diffrent friend Alyssa better then her so then after a while I just pushed it aside and about a week ago I asked a close friend of hers if this is really why she broke upe with me and she said that is was a lie what really was happening was her other more mean friends (the ones who think they are popular and get into trouble like ALOT) where making fun of me dating her because I am more of a nerd and have some sad sides to me I never tell anyone and so it is kinda all just inside and I was wondering. Now do I confrunt her and say "Hey you can tell the truth to me and it will be fine." or more of like "Hey you like me you like me stand up for your self and speak for, and fork you speach." Side note her mean friends DID leave the school after the cops got called on them...once or twice.






Later like a few months. Now things are fine I thing we are kinda dating, so just one more thing to worry about that came and when leaving more damage to me but that is that.

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