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First Post

Hi, I'm completely new to this. I've felt down for a long time now & it takes the slightest of things to trigger a sense of depression within me despite thinking I'm cheering up. I'm constantly paranoid and find myself crying alot for small reasons, especially at night. I can no longer bear the thought of being alone as that is when I have to think about things which trigger the depression. I've lost my apetite and, although I've never had much confidence anyway, I completely loathe myself. It's gotten so bad that I've been harming myself. It's nothing serious, just scratching myself with sharp objects. It's almost as if it's my punishment for being worthless. I hate being this way, I miss being able to feel happy. I also hate the fact that I've had to keep all of this to myself. I don't think I can talk to anyone about my problems without bursting into tears. I feel stupid, pointless & useless. I just needed somewhere to talk to it about with people who have some sort of understanding for what I seem to be going through, hence this post.

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