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Always the same old

Lifes always the same with me. Its kinda hard to imagin that people out there are going trew the same things i am. I was once a little kid were streesfull was deciding what toping i wanted on my icecream.  Sometimes i wish i never grew up, its not fare all ive ever been in life was nice to people and this what i get. I just dont understand why is it everyone  wants to see my sufer and cry.  They got what they wanted now isnt it my turn, all i want is for someone out there to listen to me unserstand were im coming from and help me! Im so scared!....


Who am i?

Who am i kidding, lately i dont even no who i am anymore. I fell like somethings takeing controll of my body. Everything is such an efort. Im not me anymore. And if im not me who the hell am i?...



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