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In response to: Black Cat

wmhguthrie [Member]
Thank you, All. It was a very dark moment and being able to express myself like this really did help. I'll be back.
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In response to: Black Cat

tasha [Member]
Because we understand where you are coming from. Although we can not take the pain away we can understand it.
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In response to: Black Cat

drowning not waving [Member]
Hi Wmhguthrie,
You are not a loser for expressing your feelings, what do you have to lose?
If nothing else, doesn't that feel a bit better, getting that off your chest?
Stop beating yourself up for having feelings.
In my book, talking is the best way to express feelings...
Take it easy..and one day at a time...

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In response to: Black Cat

aedorr01 [Member]
I enjoy reading your poems!
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